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Nope. It's reich-wingers with their hatred and violence - and its trump and his fascist appointees to key positions (SCOTUS, EPA, etc.). They uphold predatory corporations over American people, they refuse to ban carcinogens in our water, air, soil, and food, the tariffs are raising our costs and making American workers lose their jobs, the revenue lost by stupid tax breaks for the rich are being 'made up for' by slashing programs that keep Americans alive, etc., etc. Our form of government with fascism, corporatism, reich-wing totalitarianism; and trump's stupid childish egotistical unhinged mentally ill actions are uniting the entire world against the US.

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  1. Zulugor
    Zulugor 10 months ago

    The first amendment already does.

  2. Dira
    Dira 10 months ago

    Same issue applies.a finder is not a growing baby.

  3. Lesbian mature teen blogspot
    Dinos 10 months ago

    doc octopus is mine, he's a super intelligent villain

  4. Moogugore
    Moogugore 10 months ago

    Just go for it. There's no need to rationalize.

  5. Lesbian mature teen blogspot
    Yozshubar 10 months ago

    Absolutely. Even you admitted this.

  6. Mazurn
    Mazurn 9 months ago

    I s'pose it's a different line.

  7. Maulkree
    Maulkree 9 months ago

    that is the idea ;)

  8. Dasho
    Dasho 9 months ago

    The court also said OJ Simpson was innocent.

  9. Lesbian mature teen blogspot
    Dashakar 9 months ago

    Facts? No, you have lots of propaganda,

  10. Tukree
    Tukree 8 months ago

    She might be my only celebrity crush.

  11. JoJomuro
    JoJomuro 8 months ago

    Gotta keep the grandsons happy.

  12. Tugrel
    Tugrel 8 months ago

    yeah but...Hes a racist so.... Its Kewl.

  13. Знакомства
    Zulkibar 8 months ago

    this is parental abuse....allowing this

  14. Lesbian mature teen blogspot
    Sadal 8 months ago

    Someone didn't read the whole thing. :)

  15. Shaktisho
    Shaktisho 7 months ago

    3 less gutter rats

  16. Shaktile
    Shaktile 7 months ago

    So.pick. Copy paste with your debunking thought.

  17. Vom
    Vom 7 months ago

    Street lights on, footsteps gone

  18. Fekazahn
    Fekazahn 7 months ago

    I have many favorites...

  19. Lesbian mature teen blogspot
    Goltikora 7 months ago

    I like Let's Pretend.

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Lesbian mature teen blogspot