Teen taking huge load

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My favorite Steven Segal movie is Executive Decision, where Seagal gets sucked out of an airplane in an attempt to rescue a hijacked airliner. I don't think we were supposed to cheer when that happened, but a lot of people did! He's a thug.

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  1. Kejas
    Kejas 10 months ago

    They is a matter of principle.

  2. Tell
    Tell 10 months ago

    That's not an argument defending your position.

  3. Garn
    Garn 10 months ago

    1. Argumentum ad ignorantiam.

  4. Teen taking huge load
    Kizragore 10 months ago

    I now love skeletor!

  5. Faushakar
    Faushakar 9 months ago

    Don't repeat your parents mistakes bro, wear contraception.

  6. Teen taking huge load
    Arashir 9 months ago

    A Deist god is no guarantee of an afterlife]

  7. Gudal
    Gudal 9 months ago

    That doesn?t change what I said.

  8. Moogum
    Moogum 9 months ago

    A good explanation of the evolutionist.

  9. Mudal
    Mudal 9 months ago

    Nothing much.. just talking to you.

  10. Kihn
    Kihn 9 months ago

    It is a matter of choice

  11. Kigul
    Kigul 9 months ago

    lol More Ugh. Atheist bad, believer good crap.

  12. Ferisar
    Ferisar 8 months ago

    Oh you?ve GOT to be kidding!

  13. Teen taking huge load
    Makus 8 months ago

    Hahahaha u have?? ??????

  14. Jucage
    Jucage 8 months ago

    Forever trusting who we are....

  15. Tulrajas
    Tulrajas 8 months ago

    LOVE that song! Beautiful! Amen!

  16. Знакомства
    Fenrizuru 8 months ago

    I am not hypocritical at all.

  17. Kigagor
    Kigagor 7 months ago

    ?????? yay for me ??????

  18. Знакомства
    Nejora 7 months ago

    Those are indeed some words in an ancient book.

  19. Tekora
    Tekora 7 months ago

    Look closer-with a magnifying glass. ;)

  20. Teen taking huge load
    Zololmaran 7 months ago

    I analyze google's answers to my questions.

  21. Знакомства
    Vudodal 7 months ago

    Logic is not your strongest thing, is it?

  22. Mijinn
    Mijinn 7 months ago

    Welcome aboard. Good to have you.

  23. Arashigul
    Arashigul 7 months ago

    funny. I may borrow that line :)

  24. Teen taking huge load
    Malabei 6 months ago

    What exactly is your argument, Misha?

  25. Teen taking huge load
    Badal 6 months ago

    I think he's full up with Seamus.

  26. Teen taking huge load
    Akinokasa 6 months ago

    Also in the article provided kleo my good chap

  27. Vilmaran
    Vilmaran 6 months ago

    Way ahead of you partner.

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Teen taking huge load
Teen taking huge load
Teen taking huge load