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So your parents had children they couldn?t afford. What did I say that was wrong?

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  1. Mogrel
    Mogrel 11 months ago

    Stockholm Syndrome seems to be running rampant....

  2. Shaktilmaran
    Shaktilmaran 11 months ago

    Reducing God to a rock is hardly an analogy.

  3. Doshura
    Doshura 10 months ago

    What was the science you discerned in that abracadabra?

  4. Kazigore
    Kazigore 10 months ago

    If one follows Christ then he is following Christ.

  5. Tygoshicage
    Tygoshicage 10 months ago

    If you mean, TaxPayer Funded, then call it that!

  6. Dishicage
    Dishicage 10 months ago

    Good and how about you AN??

  7. Rachel weise naked pics
    Gojinn 10 months ago

    Conservatives are viewed as backward racists.

  8. Nak
    Nak 10 months ago

    Ja, jag kanner mig ocksa stolt

  9. Знакомства
    Mezigrel 9 months ago

    guess i'm not alone in this.

  10. Fezuru
    Fezuru 9 months ago

    No, I understood more than that by 5th grade

  11. Goltizragore
    Goltizragore 9 months ago

    ?I?m not even suppose to be here today!?

  12. Moogushicage
    Moogushicage 9 months ago

    If they are Kids then it is no fantasy.

  13. Akinokree
    Akinokree 8 months ago

    What numerous sins? There aren't any sins in atheism.

  14. Dounos
    Dounos 8 months ago

    I dont need to question that.

  15. Mular
    Mular 8 months ago

    That's entirely adorable. And also entirely false.

  16. Gozahn
    Gozahn 8 months ago

    Well the 'Blackfeet' didn't appreciate those Cree migrations.

  17. Rachel weise naked pics
    Grozahn 8 months ago

    Meh, 1 short visit to the local range.

  18. Kazraran
    Kazraran 8 months ago

    With all due respect, that?s sick.

  19. Знакомства
    Zulkisar 8 months ago

    It is living tissue. Not a life.

  20. Знакомства
    Batilar 7 months ago

    Just looking for nonsense to be outraged over.

  21. Rachel weise naked pics
    Melabar 7 months ago

    Oh I love it!

  22. Знакомства
    Tura 7 months ago

    I?d be glad to. Straight from the dictionary:

  23. Shaktijind
    Shaktijind 7 months ago

    But let's look at why...

  24. Rachel weise naked pics
    Zulujind 7 months ago

    Awww thanks Deb?????? You too

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Rachel weise naked pics
Rachel weise naked pics
Rachel weise naked pics