All women have lesbian tendencies

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Well I hear you,though the material puovisions enjoyed here should be passed on to those you cherished while you were here at the least... but I don't intend to instruct, just my thoughts. It sorta feels to me like you're living with a fear of lack though. Not saying to be foolish with the finances, just encouraging you to reach beyond your comfort zone.

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  1. Знакомства
    Mit 8 months ago

    I'm from Earth and a citizen of the world.

  2. Misho
    Misho 8 months ago

    yes and its is very arbitrary and biased.

  3. Aragami
    Aragami 8 months ago

    And does the word "perhaps" also mean perhaps not?

  4. All women have lesbian tendencies
    Tojagis 8 months ago

    Well. THIS is different.

  5. Tanris
    Tanris 7 months ago

    3 god does not change his mind

  6. All women have lesbian tendencies
    Kazilmaran 7 months ago

    ?????? my man ????????????

  7. Brara
    Brara 7 months ago

    Should single people be allowed to adopt?

  8. Goltile
    Goltile 7 months ago

    Not that i know of.

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All women have lesbian tendencies