Tom thumb grapple bucket

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well taking into account that lazy people who answer polls are likely voters or they would not fll within the polling parameters I would say 100% of them.

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  1. Tom thumb grapple bucket
    Bale 8 months ago

    .....looks like pikaa is doing something really lewd ????

  2. Grojind
    Grojind 8 months ago

    You're judging Jesus, btw.

  3. Tom thumb grapple bucket
    Zulkirr 7 months ago

    Lol, nice thought though.

  4. Fenrilrajas
    Fenrilrajas 7 months ago

    Why not look at the Scandinavian countries?

  5. Darn
    Darn 7 months ago

    yet you refuse to write a check....

  6. Знакомства
    Tojazahn 7 months ago

    i tried that. it was... drinkable

  7. Знакомства
    Yozshujinn 7 months ago

    Well, I would do anything for love...????????????

  8. Tom thumb grapple bucket
    Mishakar 7 months ago

    You believe everything you see on CNN don?t you?

  9. Malagore
    Malagore 6 months ago

    Who are they intolerant of?

  10. Guktilar
    Guktilar 6 months ago

    Love no go die by olamide

  11. Arashilabar
    Arashilabar 6 months ago

    For some this is true.

  12. Знакомства
    Meztigul 5 months ago

    After 3 to 4 hours

  13. Kegrel
    Kegrel 5 months ago

    I am fine with amputation.

  14. Tazshura
    Tazshura 5 months ago

    Sorry to bug you here!

  15. Grogore
    Grogore 5 months ago

    Unless the Bible is simply wrong.

  16. Знакомства
    Nakus 5 months ago

    Can't do that if I'm dead.

  17. Tom thumb grapple bucket
    Bazshura 5 months ago

    Picture chosen with you in mind ?

  18. Sakinos
    Sakinos 5 months ago

    I think you will find I'm responding with contempt

  19. Знакомства
    Garisar 4 months ago

    I agree, she?s not good spokesperson for women/marriage

  20. Tom thumb grapple bucket
    Moogurr 4 months ago

    The wise seek both.

  21. Faetaur
    Faetaur 4 months ago

    Then prove Kimarie wrong instead of shouting her down.

  22. Faekus
    Faekus 4 months ago

    Soooooooo... Judy or Penny? Or is it Mrs Robinson??

  23. Akikazahn
    Akikazahn 4 months ago

    The B is for Bacon.

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Tom thumb grapple bucket
Tom thumb grapple bucket
Tom thumb grapple bucket