I shaved my legs

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Thank you for taking the time to type all that out.

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  1. Balkree
    Balkree 8 months ago

    And an insult is an ad homenim.

  2. I shaved my legs
    Zukree 7 months ago

    It would answer all the questions that you cannot!

  3. Zolokasa
    Zolokasa 7 months ago

    LOL..indeed....and who cuts the grass?

  4. I shaved my legs
    Dozahn 7 months ago

    Believe me, I understand your point.

  5. I shaved my legs
    Nehn 7 months ago

    LOL. Youre not very aware of yourself are you?

  6. Doutaxe
    Doutaxe 7 months ago

    Teleport. Let me get outta here!

  7. Bak
    Bak 7 months ago

    ?????? bring it in boo ??????

  8. Знакомства
    Vitilar 7 months ago

    What did you have for lunch?

  9. I shaved my legs
    Maktilar 7 months ago

    Couldn't be much more from the heart

  10. JoJorr
    JoJorr 6 months ago

    You're the one showing your profound ignorance of science.

  11. Fetilar
    Fetilar 6 months ago

    With fiction. Thanks for that.

  12. Guzuru
    Guzuru 6 months ago

    Haha do you have some good ones?

  13. Tygojinn
    Tygojinn 6 months ago

    umm, aren't all of us dying anyway?

  14. Shasida
    Shasida 6 months ago

    They are angry and intolerant for sure.

  15. Nidal
    Nidal 6 months ago

    Only Christopher Walken knows for sure.

  16. Brazragore
    Brazragore 6 months ago

    No worries, I'm cool ??

  17. Знакомства
    Mikajas 5 months ago

    Don?t get them removed.

  18. Zulkizshura
    Zulkizshura 5 months ago

    He makes Perfect sense to me.

  19. Знакомства
    Mugis 5 months ago

    You can ask them meaning.. you will understand.

  20. I shaved my legs
    Douk 5 months ago

    ???????? and i you, my Queen

  21. Знакомства
    Jutaur 5 months ago

    no you have istan right but not complete

  22. Знакомства
    Goltit 4 months ago

    "Islam is not a race"

  23. Tojat
    Tojat 4 months ago

    Clinton hasn't been in office for 20 years.

  24. Kagakazahn
    Kagakazahn 4 months ago

    Humans did that, not God.

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I shaved my legs
I shaved my legs
I shaved my legs